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Tom Klatt has devoted his life to investigating complicated cases.  He never tires of the challenge of solving problems, the satisfaction of a job well done and delivering to his client’s excellent results, well beyond their expectations.
Tom spent 19 years on the Toronto Police Service, where he was involved in every type of criminal investigation. One of the youngest officers ever to be promoted to the homicide squad, he was involved in more than 70 murder
investigations. Tom was also an integral member of the Intelligence Bureau's most elite units and involved in some of Canada's most sensitive investigations, including organized crime groups and international narcotics syndicates.
In 1998, Tom retired from the Toronto Police Service and became a founding members of a Toronto-based Private
Investigative Agency, where he was the Managing Director of Investigations. For the next 17 years, Tom was retained by many of the country’s top law firms to work on all manner of complex, difficult and often high-profile cases. He worked closely with The Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted and the Innocence Project. He has undertaken a great deal of discrete and confidential work. Tom has been retained by several wealthy families dealing with life-altering issues – work in which confidentiality is paramount. He was instrumental in expanding the nation-wide scope of the Missing Children Society of Canada and has assisted in a number of missing children cases.
Tom is recognized as an elite professional investigator. He remains an honorary member of the Toronto Homicide
Squad Alumni. Tom has appeared in a number of international television shows. In 2014, he was cast as a lead investigator in the docu-drama "Last Seen Alive" based on real-life missing persons cases. The series aired on

Discovery Channel. He was recently cast to analyze real-life murder cases for the current production of "Hours to Kill."   
As well, both Tom and some of his more memorable cases have been profiled on “Inside Edition” and “W-5” and he’s
been often been the subject of profiles in both Canada and Internationally. He frequently speaks at the Criminal
Lawyers Association Annual Conference and recently was on a panel discussion about “Social Media and Its Impact on Criminal Justice.”
In 2015, Tom founded his own firm: Klatt Investigations. With his years of experience and extensive network of contacts, Klatt Investigations offers both one-on-one customer service and a wide net of support staff to handle every type of investigation. His expertise spans all areas of investigation to offer his clients the very best, personalized, hands-on experience.




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Derek Klatt is Klatt Investigations' leading Workplace Investigator and Director of Operations. As both a licensed labour and employment lawyer, and a licensed private investigator, Derek applies a technical and legal lens to investigations. While he spent several years practicing law for leading national and boutique firms in Toronto before joining Klatt Investigations permanently, Derek worked in the private investigations industry prior to pursuing a career in the legal field. By combining both areas of his special interest, Derek is able to ensure that client counsels' needs are met with precision and efficacy.


Derek's practice primarily consists of workplace investigations and labour disruption management. He assists employers who are dealing with allegations of workplace harassment, or discrimination along with a variety of other forms of misconduct, and particularly in cases of criminal allegations. Derek relies on his labour and employment law experience to ensure that the correct legislative framework is applied while also applying rigorous investigative analysis to the specific facts of any case.


Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the Courts of Justice Act,  Derek embraces a hands-on role in the oversight of labour disruptions. He provides instruction to injunction investigators to ensure that crucial injunction evidence is recorded, while simultaneously keeping clients apprised of on-the-ground developments which may threaten safety or business continuity. Using this approach, Derek ensures that the evidence collected by the investigative team places client counsel in the best possible position with respect to an injunction application.

Klatt Investigations client list includes: 
  • Canadian and International Corporations  

  • MunicipalProvincial, and Federal Governments 

  • Insurance Companies 

  • Criminal, Civil, and Family Law firms – Canadian  and International 

  • Members of the Public (Families/Individuals)

  • Unions

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